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The beautiful capital and largest city of Eritrea, (Asmara).

From the land of smiles to the kingdom of wonder

Tips for renting a car in Namibia

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Alkhaleej Tours and Travel is a Holding company that is committed to providing outstanding tours and travel experience all in one platform. Our enormous selection of flights, hotels, car hire, transfer, and activities around the world means we offer our clients great value, tremendous flexibility, and unappareled customer service choice, we aim at making every encounter with you exhilarating and memorable. We understand that the key to growth is by joining hands, we, therefore, reach out to service providers across the globe, make partnership to ensure that we are maximizing on creating a massive network in tours and travel industry in order to provide the best customer service experience to our clients.

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Abidjan, Manhattan of the tropics.

Abidjan City Abidjan is a city on the southern Atlantic coast of Côte d’Ivoire, in West Africa. It is the country’s major urban center, with skyscrapers rising above the Ébrié Lagoon. It is...

Khartoum, a city of diversity

Khartoum City Khartoum is the capital of Sudan. Khartoum is located at the confluence of the White Nile, flowing north from Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile, flowing west from Lake Tana in Ethiopia...

Accra, the vibrant city of Ghana

Accra, the vibrant city of Ghana

Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. The name Ghana was derived from the Mande tradition, which literally means “Warrior King”. It is the most...

Explore the magical Capetown

Cape Town Cape Town is a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, on a peninsula beneath the imposing Table Mountain. Slowly rotating cable cars climb to the mountain’s flat top, from which there...

Nairobi, Green City in the sun

Nairobi city Nairobi is the capital city and largest town of Kenya, a country in Eastern Africa. It is among the vast towns in Africa, for it’s continued growth and development. The name comes...


Kinshasa city, Congo Kinshasa is the largest and capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo.it is also most populous city in Africa with a total population of fifteen million. It is also one of the...

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